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piece spring menu

moroccan tuna
line caught tuna, gouda cheese, gherkins, mixed leaves, harissa sauce

smoked peppered mackerel, roast beetroot, gherkins, mixed leaves, horseradish mayo

banh mi :-)
slow roast pork, pickled carrots & chillies, coriander, prawn crackers, sriracha hot sauce

slow roast pork, sliced roast ham, gouda cheese, gherkins, spinach, aioli, French’s mustard

ham old school
sliced roast ham, mature cheddar, piece coleslaw, honey mustard dressing

dirty fat boy
sliced roast ham, mature cheddar, free range egg mayo, gherkins, aioli

ham, egg and chips
sliced roast ham, mature cheddar, sliced free range egg, s&v crisps, mixed leaves, aioli, honey mustard dressing, celery salt

pastrami special
peppered pastrami, gouda cheese, gherkins, piece coleslaw, sweet chilli mayo

the dugs baws (S)
slow roast pork, sliced free range egg, gouda cheese, piece coleslaw, aioli, French’s mustard

the jerk off (S) :-)
slow roast pork, cumin roasted sweet potato, sumac onions, pineapple chutney, pickled chillies, “tom’s curious jerk hot sauce”

new york deli (S)
peppered pastrami, sliced roast turkey breast, gherkins, sliced tomato, gouda cheese, sauerkraut, mixed leaves, aioli, french’s mustard

the hummer (vg)
white bean hummus, avocado, house salad, harissa, toasted soy seeds

yam, egg and chips (v)
cumin roasted sweet potato, mature cheddar, sliced free range egg, s&v crisps, honey mustard dressing, mixed leaves, celery salt, aioli

california health plate (vg) :-)
avocado, roast beetroot, tomato, vegan slaw, spinach, lemon dressing

fatboy slim (v)
free range egg mayo, avocado, tomato, spinach

vanh mi (vg) :-)
roast cauliflower, pickled carrots and chillies, toasted soy seeds, coriander, sriracha hot sauce

nottolenghi (S) (v) :-)
white bean hummus, roast cauliflower, sumac onions, vegan slaw, spinach, toasted soy seeds

chicken ole
roast chicken breast, spicy chorizo, aged manchego cheese, salsa, sweet chilli mayo

sanchez :-)
roast chicken OR turkey breast, avocado, tomato, salsa, spinach, smoky chipotle mayo

coronation :-)
roast chicken breast, coronation mayo, sumac onions, raisins, flaked toasted almonds, spinach

persian chicken
roast chicken breast, white bean hummus, sumac onions, pickled carrots and chillies, harissa sauce

£4.40 to go / £5.25 sit in

Specials (S)
£5.65 to go / £6.25 sit in

white or brown sliced bloomer, white baguette, malted ciabatta

Salad Boxes = :-)
awesome as a Salad Box Salad boxes have a base of mixed leaves and house salad
£5.50 to go / £6.50 sit in