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pieces - 4.25 / 5.25 (sit in)

Pastrami Special - pastrami, gouda, gherkins, slaw, sweet chilli mayo

Chicken Ole - roast chicken, chorizo, manchego, salsa, sweet chilli mayo

Beef Classic - roast beef, mature cheddar, onion marmalade, leaves, horseradish mayo

Dirty Fat Boy - kettle ham, egg mayo, mature cheddar, garlic & Dijon mayo, gherkins

Smackdown - smoked peppered mackerel, beetroot ketchup, gherkins, leaves, horseradish mayo

Easy Now - roast chicken/ turkey, avocado, tomato, spinach, lemon and basil mayo

Banh Mi – slow roast pulled pork, pickled carrots, pickled chillies, coriander, sriracha, prawn crackers

Cuban - roast pork, ham, gouda, gherkins, French’s mustard, garlic mayo

Hawaiian – kettle ham, tomato, pineapple chutney, Scottish cheddar, leaves

The Herman - salami, gouda, mustard, gherkins, sauerkraut

Coronation - roast chicken, raisins, spiced onions, flaked toasted almonds, coronation sauce, spinach

Pan Bagnat – tuna, black olive Tapenade, boiled egg, tomato, leaves, honey mustard dressing

Ham Egg & Chips - ham, boiled egg, cheddar, salt & vinegar crisps, honey mustard dressing, leaves

Yam Egg & Chips- cumin-roasted sweet potato, boiled egg, cheddar, salt & vinegar crisps, honey mustard dressing, leaves (V)

The hummer – Moroccan hummus, avocado, chopped salad, harissa, toasted seeds (V)

Falafel- baked falafel, pickled carrots, coriander salsa- harissa and/or garlic mayo


Specials - 5.50 / 6.50 (sit in)

Call Me Papa- roast ham, salami Milano, sun blushed tomatoes, gouda, black olive tapenade, garlic & Dijon mayo, leaves

The Jerkoff- Pulled pork, spiced onions, cumin roasted sweet potato, pineapple chutney, pickled chillies, hot jerk sauce

NY Deli- pastrami, turkey, gouda, tomato, gherkins, sauerkraut, leaves, mustard, garlic & Dijon mayo

Sir Big Yin- roast ham, boiled egg, gouda, avocado, tomato, leaves, garlic & Dijon mayo, honey mustard dressing ** 50p goes to the Brain Research Trust in honour of Billy Connolly

Randi Scandi- hot-smoked Scottish salmon, boiled new potatoes, sliced boiled egg, spinach, honey mustard dressing, horseradish mayo

Hot piece of...6.50 / 7.50 (sit in)

Check the boards and instagram for info and availability 


Salads available from 5.25 / 6.25 (sit in)


Photo courtesty of 'thefinniestonfoodie'
instagram: thefinniestonfoodie