piece [pee-ss] : OUR FOOD

At piece we take pride in bringing our customers the finest products using the highest quality ingredients produced in-house, by hand. We source from local suppliers to showcase the very best of Scotland's larder.

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We love what we do and want our customers to feel the same:

The sandwich had long been tolerated as a lunch staple rather than actually enjoyed by the time piece came along. We wanted to change that as we love sandwiches and felt the “piece” needed a new lease of life. Piece Finnieston was born in the summer of 2008 and has grown alongside the now vibrant foodie destination. The company has expanded across the west and north of the city culminating in 2 city centre ventures in winter 2014/15. 

Whilst the company always had plans for expansion, it has had to be achieved organically to ensure that the original ethos and standards are always maintained. What started as a revolutionary approach to sandwiches is now becoming more prevalent as consumers realise they can expect more. From day one all piece Glasgow products were carefully sourced and prepared from scratch each day. Our secret recipe ‘slaw, butcher-sourced meats all roasted in house, fresh vegetables, sauce and dressing creations and speciality cheeses are still the staple of our business as we strive to improve and expand our menu and our customers lunch time experience. We are proud of our pieces and want more people to experience what a sandwich should actually taste like.

We have retained a simple menu range so that we try not to dilute the original concept. But of course whilst we founded ourselves on our sandwiches we’re passionate about all of our piece products! We have always made every soup from scratch, and our hearty, homely, adventurous, sometimes ridiculous (chilled cucumber & minted yogurt anyone?) creations are the perfect ally to our sandwiches. 
We have always tried to create everything ourselves or source from the best. In 2016 we took a huge leap and moved into a dedicated production and development kitchen which will allow our chefs the freedom and facilities to increase our product range and create more innovative items. 

So whether its a quick sandwich on the run, your morning cup of coffee, a healthy lunch, or a good catch up over a coffee and cake piece Glasgow caters for all.


“piece: raising the humble sandwich back to greatness”

piece [pee-ss]: Coffee

Over the last seven years we have been perfecting our own brand of coffee. Hand roasted in Glasgow using three different arabicas with a bold Columbian Supremo taking the majority it has a rich body and strong acidity and is balanced to match any espresso creation. 
We also carry a full range of Plantation teas from Italian Aroma and create beautiful hot chocolates using Callebaut dark chocolate

Look out for our morning coffee deals and our new coffee reward scheme. Are you?
                  piece [pee-ss] : loyal

piece [pee-ss]: patisserie

Difficult to say. Easy to eat.

Our chefs have been busy in the kitchen experimenting and conjuring up a new string to the piece bow. Taking inspiration from the patisseries of Paris and guidance from our own mad professor they are proud to be bringing in piece’s own in house patisserie. These are complimented by the mad profs own creations and a range from Glasgow institution Big Bear Bakery

Look out for a frankly ridiculous salt caramel slice that is vegan and gluten free!

piece [pee-ss]: Soup & Stew

Made from scratch every day our soups are gluten free and vegetarian, unless specified. Our chefs are always on the look out for the best seasonal produce and new creations. Check in store for specials or follow us on twitter for more details. 

piece [pee-ss]: beverage

Each piece carries a selection including the San Pellegrino range, Bundaberg, Folkingtons and of course classic Coca Cola. We expanded the range to include Fentimans, Koji and even new healthy energy drinks!