Crowdfunder Cup

Back at the turn of the year Piece went through a transition. We closed our beloved Kelvinbridge unit and trusty production kitchen in the Hidden Lane which for the past six years has been a powerhouse producing all the fantastic fresh ingredients available our shops

The idea was to streamline the operation by moving the catering and kitchen teams into a purpose built production kitchen across the water in Ibrox. We've settled in and gotten used to the SPACE (all the space) and are already seeing the benefits with an increased ability to take on large caterings and weddings, as well as bringing more products in house, preparing more and more from scratch and even reducing our environmental impact. That and not having the chefs in a crowded, hot, confined space - That's never a good idea!

When considering the move we wanted to let our customers know what was happening and why we were shutting stores, moving catering operations and many other questions we thought people might have. We also wanted to give them an opportunity to be involved as it can sometimes feel like the loyal customer is forgotten. And hey we also wanted a hand getting the place built! So we crowdfunded. And it was awesome...despite the awful video!

One of the rewards we put up was to become a piece [pee-ss]: Legend. Work with us to design your own sandwich #nocaviar then come and visit the kitchen you invested in. Sample it, refine it and then put it on our specials board. If it is great it goes on the menu, if it sucks...well you still get to eat it for free every time its on the menu! And what better way to test it than with a competition...

After Euro 2016's boring anti-conclusion and #Rio2016 clattering to a close amidst drug scandals, Brazilian fixing and Tom Daley we present:

The Piece Crowdfunder Cup 2016 

6 Sandwiches. 3 Weeks. 1 Winner

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for details....

Posted on August 22, 2016 .