Where's the coronation?

So piece Glasgow has undergone a menu shake up and some people are wondering..why, where's my coronation, what are you doing and is that an anchovy sandwich you mentalists?

At piece we love sandwiches, and we know you all do too. But we also love to create and innovate and challenge. So we've restructured our menu to allow for flexibility and to hopefully allow the creativity of our team to shine through. 

It's simple really. Out goes the cumbersome and unwieldy and in comes the streamlined. 

Piece Classics
They ain't moving. Piece without the Pastrami Special. Nope. This band of warriors are the
staples. But hey we are open to some others maybe sneaking in here and some falling off. Maybe.

Piece Seasonal
Where those classics you thought you were never going to see will appear. And where we will get experimental. Yes anchovies, yes homemade Romesco sauce with a dangerously alluring amount of garlic, yes FINALLY a piece with avocado! These will rotate two to three times a year. And you know we like feedback. So tell us!

Piece Specials
On here will be a rotating pork special, from our beloved Thai pork and the summer classic BBQ Mi we will be bringing in the flavours of the Deep South, Mexico and beyond. 
This is also where we will be showcasing the innovation, pushing the boundaries and challenging the incredible palate of our awesome customers. We will be bringing in some higher priced items, and look out for some special days when it'll be 'get it while it's hot'...

We genuinely love to hear what our customers think so comment, email us on sandwichmongers@pieceglasgow.com, contact us on any of the social sites or just come into the store and tell us.



Posted on June 28, 2016 .