Crowdfunder Cup - The results

It's official!

Hot Dog, we have a Wiener! 

After a tough couple of weeks of competition we can finally announce the results of our Crowdfunder Cup.

A MASSIVE thank you to all awesome contestants, who pledged back in January and then got to come and create their masterpieces!

The shop of Interest started it all with their summery prawn and apple combo. This was controversial challenging and ultimately ridiculously tasty. A potential to return next Spring...

Steven Prentice spent a lot of time to ensure he was happy with his dream of a smoked ham, pickled celery and apple chutney salad. He succeeded in his own brief - to cater to a restrictive list of intolerances. And impressively managed to resist the near constant screams of 'it could do with some cheese'. Sorry Stevie!

CRGP smashed the rules and tradition with a meaty garlicky punch to the face. Combining Cheese, Roast Ox crisps (all for you Alan), Garlic mayo and Polish sausage - see what we did there - they were a strong contender. And with the new menu out next week those in the know know that its not all over

The boys from Jam Hot blew everyone's minds...and mouths with the Jam Hot jalapeño jam. We're sure there were other tasty ingredients in there (pastrami, cheese, sriracha?) but after a lengthy tasting session there were just tears. Of unbridled joy!

But it came down to a chicken fight:

Print Box went old school and brought out their Crown Jewels. A re imagining of our classic coronation chicken, ditching the uncouth 'slaw and adding bacon, almonds and spinach.

Bryan did the team proud with his choice and boy was it a belter.

Crowdfunder Print Box.JPG

But from left field: The dark horse. 

She came, she saw, she spilled sauce everywhere but ultimately she created the winner and first sandwich on our new Seasonal Menu.

Ladies and Gentlemen we invite you to:

Tikka Chance on Michelle

Michelle's Chicken Tikka creation will be one of the 8 sandwiches available on our new Seasonal Menu. If Print Box haven't fallen out with us toooo much this menu will launch across Piece Glasgow on the 24th October.

Well done Michelle and again a huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who pledged! We love you all

Posted on October 18, 2016 .