New stuff!

As if there wasn’t already too much choice in piece! The team have been reworking that menu to keep all of our customers guessing and on their toes.

New inclusions and some sad departures, it’s like a really awesome food transfer window.
But without the money. Or the footballers.

Joining the piece family are:

BBQ Mi - our take on the classic American pulled pork sandwich. With a home made BBQ sauce that is just the right side of both sweet and spicy, chuck in some cheese and piece ‘slaw and that’ll do ya right.

Chicken Satay - Following our usual tact of putting meals and ingredients in sandwiches which others wouldn’t dare (see the Smackdown!) the chefs have been at it again. Classic spicy satay and a fiery asain ‘slaw. It just works.

Hot Smoked Salmon - Need we say more. Dill, capers, cream cheese, cucumber. Hot smoked Salmon from Maccallums. Just try it. Now.

Falafarama - Not the easiest to pronounce. Or make. But my oh my is it worth it! Hot spicy meets cool yogurt with the earthy falafel and the crunch of peppers. Meat eaters will be moving to the veggie side of the menu soon.

Pea and mint pate - I’m sorry, what? Yeah that’s right. The green stuff in the serve over is the most awesome pea and mint pate you’ve never had. Put it with peppers and leaves (vegan), manchego and peppers (Veggie) or ham and manchego (pea and ham together at last for the meat eaters!)

Posted on June 27, 2014 .