Winter menu. Don't you dare say the C word!

The 24th October sees the launch of the new Seasonal Menu from Piece.

Keeping the Piece Classics but switching the seasonal to ditch those fresh summery vibes for some proper hearty heavyweights. We have reinvented some old favourites and introduced some new inventions we've been trialing and are really excited about. Obviously featuring the winner of the Crowdfunder Cup, Tikka Chance on Michelle, there is a return for Pietro's Porchetta in the Pacino and In your Fez made the grade from our summer specials board. Check the boards and get in to find out what the hell goes on the Christian Kale and the Tuna Turner!

There are some changes afoot across piece Glasgow to coincide with the new menu starting. 
You'll now be able to beat the queue in our Finnieston shop the same way as in our Miller Street branch. Want a Pastrami Special ciabatta but only have 5 minutes? Use the express section to grab a ready to go Piece and skip the queue. We will have a weekly rotating menu of 8 ready to go sandwiches so check all the social media or call the shops to find out what is Ready. To Go. 

So what else is new...Oh yeah. Get it while it's HOT

We are so happy that after a long and arduous testing period, seriously it was so tough but we struggled through, we are going to be offering limited edition, when they're gone they're gone, HOT PIECES. Starting with an absolute blinder, hot shredded salt beef, mustard and gherkins in a ciabatta. £5. In your face. 

Posted on October 21, 2016 .

Crowdfunder Cup - The results

It's official!

Hot Dog, we have a Wiener! 

After a tough couple of weeks of competition we can finally announce the results of our Crowdfunder Cup.

A MASSIVE thank you to all awesome contestants, who pledged back in January and then got to come and create their masterpieces!

The shop of Interest started it all with their summery prawn and apple combo. This was controversial challenging and ultimately ridiculously tasty. A potential to return next Spring...

Steven Prentice spent a lot of time to ensure he was happy with his dream of a smoked ham, pickled celery and apple chutney salad. He succeeded in his own brief - to cater to a restrictive list of intolerances. And impressively managed to resist the near constant screams of 'it could do with some cheese'. Sorry Stevie!

CRGP smashed the rules and tradition with a meaty garlicky punch to the face. Combining Cheese, Roast Ox crisps (all for you Alan), Garlic mayo and Polish sausage - see what we did there - they were a strong contender. And with the new menu out next week those in the know know that its not all over

The boys from Jam Hot blew everyone's minds...and mouths with the Jam Hot jalapeño jam. We're sure there were other tasty ingredients in there (pastrami, cheese, sriracha?) but after a lengthy tasting session there were just tears. Of unbridled joy!

But it came down to a chicken fight:

Print Box went old school and brought out their Crown Jewels. A re imagining of our classic coronation chicken, ditching the uncouth 'slaw and adding bacon, almonds and spinach.

Bryan did the team proud with his choice and boy was it a belter.

Crowdfunder Print Box.JPG

But from left field: The dark horse. 

She came, she saw, she spilled sauce everywhere but ultimately she created the winner and first sandwich on our new Seasonal Menu.

Ladies and Gentlemen we invite you to:

Tikka Chance on Michelle

Michelle's Chicken Tikka creation will be one of the 8 sandwiches available on our new Seasonal Menu. If Print Box haven't fallen out with us toooo much this menu will launch across Piece Glasgow on the 24th October.

Well done Michelle and again a huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who pledged! We love you all

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Crowdfunder Cup

Back at the turn of the year Piece went through a transition. We closed our beloved Kelvinbridge unit and trusty production kitchen in the Hidden Lane which for the past six years has been a powerhouse producing all the fantastic fresh ingredients available our shops

The idea was to streamline the operation by moving the catering and kitchen teams into a purpose built production kitchen across the water in Ibrox. We've settled in and gotten used to the SPACE (all the space) and are already seeing the benefits with an increased ability to take on large caterings and weddings, as well as bringing more products in house, preparing more and more from scratch and even reducing our environmental impact. That and not having the chefs in a crowded, hot, confined space - That's never a good idea!

When considering the move we wanted to let our customers know what was happening and why we were shutting stores, moving catering operations and many other questions we thought people might have. We also wanted to give them an opportunity to be involved as it can sometimes feel like the loyal customer is forgotten. And hey we also wanted a hand getting the place built! So we crowdfunded. And it was awesome...despite the awful video!

One of the rewards we put up was to become a piece [pee-ss]: Legend. Work with us to design your own sandwich #nocaviar then come and visit the kitchen you invested in. Sample it, refine it and then put it on our specials board. If it is great it goes on the menu, if it sucks...well you still get to eat it for free every time its on the menu! And what better way to test it than with a competition...

After Euro 2016's boring anti-conclusion and #Rio2016 clattering to a close amidst drug scandals, Brazilian fixing and Tom Daley we present:

The Piece Crowdfunder Cup 2016 

6 Sandwiches. 3 Weeks. 1 Winner

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for details....

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Summer time Specials continue

On the menu this week are a couple of old favourites from the Miller Street serve-over.

The Anarchist is back - Porchetta, secret recipe romesco sauce, manchego & spinach

Smoking Granny returns but this time with locally source Barwhey's smoked cheddar, lemon & honey Granny Smiths with leaves. Pictures to follow

And introducing Cameron's House: Apple & sage marinated pork, apple sauce and homemade crackling. Just. Yeah. We can't get enough...

Dont forget to check out the specials, soups, stews and general ramblings and photos from the stores and out catering and kitchen team on their social sites





Posted on August 1, 2016 .

Summer Time Specials Round 2

The menu revolution continues. This round of specials includes:

The Big Easy - a little taste of the Mediterranean and some deep flavours. Black Olive tapenade, ham, salami, sliced tomatoes and fresh crunchy leaves

Twerk n Jerk - Our Jamaican jerk pork with the return of the much loved mango salsa and secret recipe hot sauce. 

In your Fez - One for the veggies but that carnivores will crave too! Sweet roast butternut squash cut through with tangy feta and smothered in our famous harissa sauce


Posted on July 19, 2016 .

Breakfast of Champions

Finnieston gets an Aussie twist to its breakfast offerings!

Alongside the classic french pastries, our homemade granola and yogurt and, let's be honest...CAKE(!), piece Finnieston is mixing it up with some new specials to brighten the gloomy 'summer'

Gone are the tasty yet impossible to eat bagels and behold open toast and open bagels creations. A healthy yet energy packed way to kick start your morning. 

Try our Managers suggestions:

Green Eggs n Ham: Egg mayo,  tomato, ham, and smashed avocado
Morning Sunshine: Hummus, avocado, sliced tomato and caramelised red onion
Buenos Dias: Chorizo, chilli & basil mozzarella, fresh salsa and sweet chilli mayo

Posted on July 4, 2016 .

Location, Location, Location

Piece@Inovo will be closed:

Thursday 7th July.


The cafe will operate normally on both Wednesday and Friday

And if you haven't been to our Miller Street store it's just a two minute walk and well worth the trip for a take away treat this Thursday.

So we're quite proud that a film crew wants to use our flagship cafe as a location for a shoot that will be out later this year. It's so hush hush WE don't even know what their filming but given McQueen Architecture's beautiful design using a limited palate and monochrome colours it is clearly the perfect location.

Posted on July 4, 2016 .

Where's the coronation?

So piece Glasgow has undergone a menu shake up and some people are wondering..why, where's my coronation, what are you doing and is that an anchovy sandwich you mentalists?

At piece we love sandwiches, and we know you all do too. But we also love to create and innovate and challenge. So we've restructured our menu to allow for flexibility and to hopefully allow the creativity of our team to shine through. 

It's simple really. Out goes the cumbersome and unwieldy and in comes the streamlined. 

Piece Classics
They ain't moving. Piece without the Pastrami Special. Nope. This band of warriors are the
staples. But hey we are open to some others maybe sneaking in here and some falling off. Maybe.

Piece Seasonal
Where those classics you thought you were never going to see will appear. And where we will get experimental. Yes anchovies, yes homemade Romesco sauce with a dangerously alluring amount of garlic, yes FINALLY a piece with avocado! These will rotate two to three times a year. And you know we like feedback. So tell us!

Piece Specials
On here will be a rotating pork special, from our beloved Thai pork and the summer classic BBQ Mi we will be bringing in the flavours of the Deep South, Mexico and beyond. 
This is also where we will be showcasing the innovation, pushing the boundaries and challenging the incredible palate of our awesome customers. We will be bringing in some higher priced items, and look out for some special days when it'll be 'get it while it's hot'...

We genuinely love to hear what our customers think so comment, email us on, contact us on any of the social sites or just come into the store and tell us.



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Art for a Piece Lover Continues

Now into it's fourth installment Piece is really excited to be welcoming the immensely talented Julija Bernatovica to showcase her photographic journey around the New York Skyline. Julija, like Roddy and Fran before her, is exactly the type of artist that the project was aimed at. A local, Julija has been serving the good folks of Finnieston from behind the bars of The Finnieston and Kelvingrove Cafe from way before the area was the hippest place in the UK! And an artist who has exhibited a little in the area in Veneer but will hopefully benefit from exposure in an atypical setting. 

The Launch night is the 30th June from 6-9pm so come down, check out some beautiful photography on a relaxed Thursday evening, have a drink and also check out the NEW PIECE MENU!!!

Posted on June 28, 2016 .

Art for a piece Lover and ECO PIECE!

Combining two awesome side projects of piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow in one handy blog post.


Art for a piece Lover:
piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow have begun their search for local artists to display their work in the Finnieston store on a two month rotation. We have two prominent spaces in the cafe for artists to show off their work to the longest lunch queue in Finnieston. There would also be a launch party. Free food, free booze, amazing art. All awesome!

Eco Piece:
Ok not the best title....but back in the summer piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow launched their branded range of Keep-Cups. The company from Oz that made a take way reusable cup that actually makes coffee taste good! In classic piece [pee-ss]:Colours with options on the plug these really are the must have item of literally tens of people.
As part of our environmental policy piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow is committed to reducing the amount of unnecessary waste we as a company produce as well as that of our customers. One area to tackle was the use of disposable cups and lids and as such we are offering discounts for customers using their own cups and double discount for anyone with a "Keep the piece [pee-ss]: Cup".

Posted on October 5, 2015 .

Exciting things happening out West!

New Menus, New Look (not that one for legal copyright reasons), New Prices (sorry), and NEW SANDWICHES!!

piece [pee-ss]: Finnieston has had a wee makeover. With its shiny new coat, a sleek streamlined menu for the winter, and a much more suitable drinks fridge, it has shed its skin and emerged a beautiful butterfly....anyway enough of that analogy...

A stripped back menu means that piece [pee-ss]: Finnieston and piece [pee-ss]: Kelvinbridge will be incorporating some of the specials that have been seen in the city centre piece locations. Check the boards in store and on Facebook, Twitter and possibly in this blog. If we remember!

The Pacino, Slammin' Caprese, Rubenesco and other delicious, tantalisingly badly named sandwiches will soon be making their way into a piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow store and your stomach.

Piece@TWB has also had a makeover and will expand its offerings as well as move towards a more cafe style environment.

Posted on October 5, 2015 .

We forgot about our blog!!'s been a while!
We've been busy here at piece [pee-ss]: Glasgow!

piece@Inovo has had a fantastic start to life in the piece [pee-ss]: Family. Still in nappies but enjoying a huge following and blessed with the only outdoor grassy space in Merchant City!
And who can believe in a month the sassy little upstart piece [pee-ss]:Miller Street will be celebrating its first birthday. Look out for that party!

If you haven't checked out these two new piece locations get down Monday-Friday for something a little different but still very piece [pee-ss]:Glasgow!


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New stuff!

As if there wasn’t already too much choice in piece! The team have been reworking that menu to keep all of our customers guessing and on their toes.

New inclusions and some sad departures, it’s like a really awesome food transfer window.
But without the money. Or the footballers.

Joining the piece family are:

BBQ Mi - our take on the classic American pulled pork sandwich. With a home made BBQ sauce that is just the right side of both sweet and spicy, chuck in some cheese and piece ‘slaw and that’ll do ya right.

Chicken Satay - Following our usual tact of putting meals and ingredients in sandwiches which others wouldn’t dare (see the Smackdown!) the chefs have been at it again. Classic spicy satay and a fiery asain ‘slaw. It just works.

Hot Smoked Salmon - Need we say more. Dill, capers, cream cheese, cucumber. Hot smoked Salmon from Maccallums. Just try it. Now.

Falafarama - Not the easiest to pronounce. Or make. But my oh my is it worth it! Hot spicy meets cool yogurt with the earthy falafel and the crunch of peppers. Meat eaters will be moving to the veggie side of the menu soon.

Pea and mint pate - I’m sorry, what? Yeah that’s right. The green stuff in the serve over is the most awesome pea and mint pate you’ve never had. Put it with peppers and leaves (vegan), manchego and peppers (Veggie) or ham and manchego (pea and ham together at last for the meat eaters!)

Posted on June 27, 2014 .


Difficult to say. Easy to eat.

Our chefs have been busy in the kitchen experimenting and conjuring up a new string to the piece bow. Taking inspiration from the patisseries of Paris and guidance from our own mad professor, or “patisserie consultant” they are proud to be bringing in piece’s own in house patisserie.

In the fridges very soon there will be a cherry bakewell, a summery fresh fruit tart with crème patisserie, a peacan and maple slice and an utterly ridiculous salt caramel tart.

As always get in quick as they don’t hang around long.

Posted on June 27, 2014 .


Here at piece, we love espresso, we love PROPER espresso.

You know the kind…

Black as coal, silky caramel crema, warm, rich and chocolatey – with a friendly bitterness

Followed by that all important caffeine buzz.

That’s why we have worked hard to create piece: espresso.  Our own blend of espresso beans that is hand roasted right here in Glasgow.  We use three different arabicas, with Colombian supremo taking centre stage and complimented by one South American Arabica and one from the African congo.  These combine to form an espresso with a rich body, sharp citrus aromas and hints of cocoa and hazelnut.

We use this in all our shops and it will soon be available for you to buy and take home to enjoy whenever you like.

piece: ESPRESSO.  Real espresso.  Our way.

Posted on June 23, 2014 .