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Our Story

Ever since the Earl of Sandwich slapped a few slices of roast beef between two pieces of bread the sandwich has been the ultimate portable meal. Sadly over the years it has become more of a convenience and less of a meal, with a bad reputation due to industrialisation of production and maximisation of profit.  We opened our first shop piece in 2008 on Argyle Street in the up-and-coming Glasgow neighbourhood of Finnieston with the aim of changing this trend. How hard could it be...

Since then piece Finnieston has become one of the most popular cafes in Glasgow from the loud and bustling takeaway queue to the simple seating surrounded by interesting local art and at times wildly inappropriate music.

We wanted the sandwich to become something that people dream about from breakfast and plan ahead for their lunch. Instead of picking up something that has no taste or fun we give people the chance to try new ideas or gourmet interpretations of old classics. From our top-secret production kitchen, in the Hidden Lane, we produce everything by hand. Roasting our meats, slicing and dicing all the vegetables and now baking an ever expanding and ever more tantalising array of patisserie, we source the finest ingredients from the very best suppliers and wherever possible we use local suppliers providing local products. 

The summer of 2011 brought piece [pee-ss]: Kelvinbridge, a smaller more compact unit which has became a second production kitchen for all our external catering operations. Followed quickly in January 2012 by piece @ Film City Glasgow, which signalled a new concept for the company. This involved setting up an internal cafe within existing premises with existing customers. A new challenge but one that worked as an offshoot from the street-side cafes. October 2013 saw the opening of piece@TWB, The Whisky Bond, representing a move to an area in a state of transition. 

2014 was a big year for the city of Glasgow and the same was true for piece [pee-ss]:Glasgow as a brand. Plans for expansion were set in motion and alongside our largest catering assignments. Coinciding with the end of the games piece [pee-ss]:Glasgow moved out of Film City Glasgow but then in November 2014 opened the first piece in the city centre. Located on Miller Street this take away unit will be the staging ground for piece Glasgow's city centre expansions, supplying the big pieces to the newest venture; piece@Inovo which opened in February 2015. This flagship cafe for the brand is located in the ITREZ zone and created in conjunction with Scottish Enterprise, but still with the original piece [pee-ss]:Glasgow ethos.

Winter 2015/2016 saw another move for the company. Closing the store at Kelvinbridge saw the catering department relocated into the Finnieston store for a short period while the final touches were put on the new development and production kitchen in Ibrox. Creating a centralised hub for the kitchen, catering, operations and administration has allowed the company to look forward and tackle the next stage of expansion with renewed effeciency and vigour. New menus, new products and new styles but still the piece [pee-ss]: mission

The piece [pee-ss]:Glasgow brand has always been a very simple concept. Based around the sandwich, we decided to elevate it back into the national consciousness. Named the best in Glasgow and the best in Scotland, we decided to never reinvent the wheel, just make it better.  In all aspects of our business the piece ethos remains - Take one thing and get it right. 

And from piece, whether it’s is an ‘al-desko’ piece and a soup, office or corporate catering, weddings, cocktail parties or the occasional barbeque in a field that ethos remains the same.


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